Nasal Aspirator

A Must For Your Home Medical Kit

Say no to nasal congestion!
You don't have to clear a stuffy nose and your child may not like it if you try but it will probably make it easier for her to breathe, eat, and sleep.
Nasilo nasal aspirator is doctor-developed and doctor-recommended, the new standard in keeping babies naturally snot free. Helpful not only to newborns also to adults as well from blocked nose, nasal blockage, stuffy nose. Get protected from infections.

Oto Care

Protection from noise

Protects your hearing so you can enjoy life's most special moments
Oto care earplugs are designed for temporary protection against noise. The can be used in a number of industrial and recreational applications such as shooting, swimming, motorcycling, sleeping, industrial work, etc.
Our earplugs exactly fits your ear provides superior hearing protection and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time.

Sitz Bath

Non Drug Lifestyle Modifications

A sitz bath is a wonderful, non-drug treatment
Do you believe in the power of water to heal? If water does have the power to heal, would you try it? Try Sitz Bath to relieve pain and swelling from hemorrhoid or piles. Blood circulation promotes oxygenation of tissues, thereby relieving pain. Swelling is reduced when the trapped blood is mobilized by heat, therefore promoting blood circulation.

Latest Products from Nasilo

A must for mothers expecting newborn must have in their handbag. Many expecting mothers do not have a labour bag or don't know what to put in the labour bag. The disposable maternity briefs comes in handy at birth, ladies and mothers should wear them during labour and after the birth of your baby, the beauty of the disposable Nasilo Maternity Mat is that it is environment friendly. By using the disposable maternity briefs you are keeping yourself safe from unwanted toxic materials that you may get from using any material bought from the shop that does not guarantees safety of during labour and after labour.

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