Nasal Aspirator

Sitz bathe for hydrotherapyThe first of the three products launched by Nasilo Healthcare Foundation the Nasal Aspirator is a modern mother's answer to her baby's well being. Nasilo Aspirator is now an integral part of baby care. It is mucus-sucking equipment specially designed for infants. Since most of the babies develop nasal congestion when feeding, the nasal passage needs to be cleared for proper breathing and sleeping to avoid general discomfort. Nasal Aspirator gently sucks out the mucus or discharge and thus safely and conveniently clears the baby's breathing passages. Nasal Aspirator is being used widely in all advanced countries. It is more convenient, portable and certainly a wise option than the nasal decongestants, which are often harmful to the baby's tender nasal mucosa. Read more..

Oto Care

Sitz bathe for hydrotherapyA quality product from Nasilo Healthcare Foundation, Otocare is indeed a boon taking into consideration the noise pollution today. Noise pollution has grave consequences as it harms more than our ears. You may not realize it, but you run a risk of permanently damaging your hearing every time you ride. While it's true that bikes aren't particularly noisy and there are no loud bangs, wind noise is significant and can cause permanent hearing loss. Handy, lightweight and portable Otocare can be easily inserted into the ears while swimming, or during any mode travel. Otocare is used extensively as an effective prevention against otitis media and other ear infections. Swimmers find Otocare very beneficial as it acts as a barrier by sealing out water. Otitis externa is caused by bacteria or fungi that invade the ear under unusually moist or wet conditions. As a result, frequent swimming will increase your chance of infection. Exposure to water moistens the skin in the ear canal and provides the ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. A quality innovative product from Nasilo Healthcare Foundation, Otocare are ideal to cut down the risks of noise pollution and its related dangers.Read more..


Sitz bathe for hydrotherapyNasilo Sitzbath is much sought after for its stress relief as well as for its healing property. An essential device in a new mother's care kit Sitzbaths soothes and reduces the pain post delivery. It also speeds up the healing of cuts and wounds if any. Hemorrhoid patients can resort to Sitzbath for immediate relief after the surgery. Hot Sitzbaths are also particularly helpful for disorders as muscular disorders, painful ovaries, testicles, prostate problems, uterine cramps and vaginal yeast infections. As a form of hydrotherapy - the use of hot and cold water, steam, and ice to restore and maintain health - the Sitzbath increases blood flow to the pelvic and abdominal areas, and thus can help reduce inflammation and otherwise alleviate a variety of problems. Aromatic oils and dead Sea salts added to a hot water Sitzbath heightens relaxation and removes stress. Nasilo Sitzbath relieves itching and irritation, fastens recovery & alleviates pain. It is designed to promote Natural Healing. Also provides comfort. It can be fit with all toilets.Read more..

Family hygiene and healthcare products

The World Health Organization (WHO) is fully aware of the crucial importance of good hygiene. In an era of change and development, hygiene problems are seen as assuming the proportions of a plague. "Science explains, industry applies". Industry seems at the height of technology, with advanced investigative resources, and a commitment to cleanliness, hygiene and safety, usually to set standards. These precautions mean that individuals no longer feel threatened or that any action need be taken. And yet, the situation could be very different if people were a little more aware, if some fundamental facts were more widely known and appropriate action taken, with simple common sense and responsibility.